Peugeot 106/Citroen Saxo FWD 6 Speed Sequential with fitting kit

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106/Saxo FWD SEQ with fitting kit.

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Beckert Technology 6 Speed FWD sequential gearbox, straight cut with dog engagement, and dual ramp angle plate LSD.

Rated for 350Nm (260lb/ft), and supplied with a one year warranty against shaft and gear teeth issues.(Higher torque ratings are possible with the longer final drive options).

TU bellhousing with rotated diff position to give better driveshaft angles.

Supplied with a full 106/Saxo fitting kit. Including all mounts, intermediate bearing carrier with 4th mount, intermediate shaft, assembled driveshafts, output flange, Satchell style gear lever/connecting rods, weld in parts with template for end case and shaft clearance, and your choice of cable or hydraulic clutch operation..

Gearbox sensor, dash display, handbrake upgrade, TTV clutch, and TTV flywheel are available as optional extras.

Standard gear ratios:

1q: 2.636 2q: 2 3q: 1.667 4q: 1.438 5q: 1.235 / 1.278 6q: 1.05/ 1.095 / 1.136

FD: 3.0 / 3.81 / 4.08 / 4.3 / 4.67 / 5.0 (The 5.0 is fine toothed and rated for 225hp max)

Alternative ratios ideal for Rallycross-

1q: 2.909 2q: 2.455 3q: 2.083 q: 1.769 5q: 1.533 6q: 1.375

Or Homologated Honda F2 ratios as follows-

1q: 2.929 2q: 2.357 3q:1.9383 4q: 1.611 5q: 1.1.350 6q: 1.158. Plus a 4.69 homologated final drive.

Or wider ratios for circuit –

1q: 2.909 2q: 2.364 3q:1.923 4q: 1.563 5q: 1.1.278 6q: 1.10

Weight: 35.5 kg

We can supply a full range of spare parts, and offer a full maintenance/rebuild service..

Option available for 50% deposit followed by 50% after assembly and prior to dispatch, please e-mail us to discuss.

Postage prices quoted are for mainland UK addresses only.

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